Julia + Bertil, Portraits, San Francisco, CA

One of the best thing about being a wedding photographer: clients often become friends.

I photographed Julia and Bertil’s wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall a couple years ago. Going into this wedding I was a little apprehensive. During our pre-production call, I had a hard time understanding Bertil’s French accent (it’s no issue now) so it was hard to “connect”.  Also, this was to be a three hour booking at San Francisco’s City Hall. I figured I’d probably not see this client from China again. However, when we met the day before the wedding, we were completely in sync: they valued photography, were light-hearted, playful and loved one another deeply.

After delivering their San Francisco wedding, I was hired for their Paris wedding. This wedding was over-the-top beautiful and fun. It was THE BOMB.  Since then, Julia and Bertil have continued our friendship and we help one another whenever possible.  It is good and as it should be. I am lucky and grateful for such friendships.

Recently Julia contacted me about updating her headshot for her new job. She did not want a typical boring corporate portrait, but something “arty” and dynamic— not lame! Bertil jumped into the session and I’m glad he did. Merci