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If you’re just looking for the standard shots- wedding party, bride-groom, shoes, cake… I’m probably not your guy.

Hi, I’m Curtis. I take more of a “journalistic” approach when I work. Like any great journalist, I want the real story. I’m just going to narrate it with beautiful photography instead of words. I want to capture the deep emotions and feelings as you transition through your special day. Not just the big moments, also the little (but monumental) ones in between.

Curtis Myers

As a kid I worked in my dad’s grocery store bagging groceries, helping people to their cars and sometimes doing jobs that a teenager wouldn’t want to do. It was good for me and taught me about managing time and being respectful. I could have joined the family business, I certainly enjoyed interacting with and meeting new people, but I knew I needed something more creative.

It was right after college when I found myself holding a camera. Looking through the lens I realized it wasn’t the moment when people said “cheese” that really expressed anything, it was that moment just before, when they were all laughing and shifting into place. That’s when they were being their true, authentic selves and showing emotion for one another as they organized and chose their positions. Those were the moments I wanted to capture. I was addicted and knew the passion I felt in my heart was telling me, this was my calling. 

I have photographed celebrities, professional models, athletes, and even a US President. None of these offered the emotions and connection displayed at a wedding. Over one unique day, I become an invisible man, a fly on the wall, as I move quietly from scene to scene capturing each spectacular moment of another love story. The result is more than a stack of coffee table prints, but a collection of memories that recounts each instance, kindles your emotions and takes you back to this special day, forever.   

Experience has taught me the most extraordinary photos are captured when your photographer gets to know you on a more personal level. I prefer to take the time to meet with you both and get to know one another. How’d you meet? What drew you to one another? What makes you laugh? 

So let’s get in touch– in person, via skype, whatever works for you given your location. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Curtis Myers

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