Mark + Lilea, San Francisco Wedding

I met with Mark and Lilea only a few months ago. They were organizing their multi-cultural wedding complete with over 200 guests and all the trimmings. I enjoyed listening to their engagement story and how they met. It was great to learn about them as a couple. Then we talked about the wedding and something happened: they said something I’d NEVER HEARD BEFORE in all my client meetings. I was like, “Hold on. Back up.”

“What? You are planning on surprising your guests with a New Orleans brass band?” As a photographer, I felt like I had struck gold. What a great idea. I think I actually admitted to them, “I have to be there.” Yes, I do stuff like that sometimes.

I hope you enjoy their images below and can see what wonderful people they are. It was a great day and a very memorable wedding for me. I am so glad I was there.




Reception: The Winery, SF

Catering: The Winery, SF

Church: St John’s Armenian Church

Flowers: Nicole, San Francisco Florist

Coordinator: Annette, Method42 Productions

Second photographer: Mike Peyzner